should not be missed that might be missed

Tonight there is something that strikes my chest, like the snowflakes that fall slowly and then seep through my skin. Ah, how I have to say, it's like a strange sense of longing, because I'm not want to miss anything today.
Last time I miss someone, maybe three months ago. Yes, it's that long until I feel the great vibrations in my chest which then forced the whole part of me to mention one name, sister.Sadly, due to miss the people I love could not all the time, though sometimes I really want it.I'm not a good lover, I'm not too storytellers who are able to present romantic stories about her lover.
She, the woman who could make me remember is helpless when the same woman who brings a sense of takjubku for the first time, and at the same woman who taught me the meaning of jealousy and hurt the real thing. Nothing is perfect than perfection from him the coveted every lover will be adored. Then, how this story started to to miss anything I could not? I do not know, I myself never knew until today.
Tonight, maybe I missed something I should not miss. Maybe I can forget all the things with kesibukanku, forget the pain with tertawaku, bury the pain without having to plug in your name inscribed headstone, but, still, sometimes you come somewhere where. I only know one thing, I've managed to hate you with simple, I never mencacimu with hundreds of words dear, and I'd rip your heart even after you burn my heart to ashes.
I do not know, tonight I feel differently. The image of any possibility that we may not end up cursing like this suddenly reappeared in my brain. Likely to dream and dream that never existed like pushed back through the long hallways memories. Maybe we could end up happy, as two old men are faithful to each other will keep your hearts and feelings of confidence respectively. Two creatures who will then embrace each other at death. Ah, or maybe we already have children who fight each other funny and television remote when dusk has arrived. Yes, maybe we should have ended like that.
Now, this sense of longing has touched my heart. Chill creep over the edge, tracing strokes feeling ever. No, I do not want to feel it again. Let it melt on its own fingers, let this feeling fade through the second count. Simply, for this night.
Sorry dear, you're not for me to miss anymore.

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